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Poppy is 'Farm to FIRE.' 

Our ingredients are either locally-sourced, small-batched and always seasonal. We let the fresh product guide our menu which changes weekly depending on what's in season.  It's our passion to focus on what's fresh and in season so you'll probably catch our Chef slicing a just-caught whole fish while you're sitting in the dining room.  We encourage all our guests to experience a dining experience unlike most traditional restaurants, we love to show you the 'behind-the-scenes' kitchen experience. Next time you join us for dinner come to 'the pass' and see all the action up close. 

Our Team

At Poppy we work as a team on the floor and in the kitchen, everyone from the dishwasher to the host believes in our ‘farm to fire’ ingredient driven concept. 

From the very first day, our training had a special magic about it, including a rare Texas snow day in December. During our wine training, we watched as thick snowflakes fell from the sky landing on either side of our window-filled restaurant. As the snow started sticking to the ground and became heavier we had a tough decision to make; continue with our wine training or go outside and have a snowball fight! Pencils rolled off the table as our team leapt from their seats leaving the wine tasting for another day. 

Outside, chefs and servers face-timed their parents with a delightful glee, showing their loved ones a random snowman or a stack of snowballs ready to be used in a team against team snowball fight. This was a huge day for Texas, snow like this just doesn’t happen in early December, the magic couldn’t be passed up. Our team continued to play outside, in short sleeve t-shirts, until our noses were red from the cold. That day bonded us together, and when you join us at Poppy, you’ll feel that magic too; of snow in Texas, of a restaurant that is part of a community, and a team that believes in making great food for our guests.

Here, servers became foodies, dishwashers became cooks, and anyone with a passion for food fell in love with Poppy. Cities like New York and Chicago will always be classic foodie destinations, but we are proving that having a passion for creating great food and making a difference in the culinary world can happen right where you are, even if that’s a small town in Texas. Passion is passion and outstanding food is outstanding where ever you are.